• Rainbow Grocery Farm Week

    Smart Microfarms presented SpiruSource Fresh Frozen Spirulina products during Farm Week at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco CA. Rainbow Grocery is a well known worker-owned cooperative serving San Francisco and the Bay Area since 1975. (http://www.rainbow.coop/) Along with being a local, independent grocery store, Rainbow is a resource for the community to exchange information about […]

  • 3D Bioprint Chocolate-Spirulina

    3D bioprinting chocolate-spirulina demo party by SE3D.com in Santa Clara California November 30 featured fresh spirulina from Smart Microfarms Half Moon Bay Farm and presentation by Robert Henrikson. Sponsored by SE3D.com for teachers and educators. Workshop Overview: Chocolate printing is gaining momentum since the advent of 3D printing technology. Discover how chocolate’s chemistry can affect […]

  • SpiruSource Fresh Spirulina

    The first locally grown spirulina in Northern California! Many customers prefer fresh spirulina to traditional dried spirulina. Fresh has almost no taste, and can be mixed with drinks and foods without changing the flavor. SpiruSource fresh spirulina products are available direct to consumers, at local farmers markets, in natural food retail outlets, juice bars and […]

  • Agriculture: Ancient Ways, Today & Tomorrow

    Rafael Quezada (Executive Director of The Rootstock Foundation) interviews agriculture experts and explores ancient methods of farming that can be applied to the world’s current industrial agricultural needs. Explores Aquaponics, Spirulina Algae, Cannabis. This short video documentary about new solutions through aquaponics, algae and cannabis cultivation features an interview at our spirulina microfarm in Half […]