Smart Microfarms and SpiruSource

Smart Microfarms opened the first San Francisco Bay Area farm in Half Moon Bay in April 2016. SpiruSource products are sold in farmers markets in San Rafael, Berkeley, Oakland and Santa Cruz with a Certified Producer Certificate for the CA Farmers Market Program. SpiruSource spirulina products have been sold direct-to-consumer in Washington State, San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles since 2012 and are sold in select retail stores and online. Previously, Smart Microfarms operated a spirulina microfarm testbed near Olympia Washington 2013-15, and a research station in Richmond CA since 2012.

Robert Henrikson, founder and CEO of Smart Microfarms and SpiruSource, is a pioneer in spirulina for the past 40 years. Robert was one of the founders of the first US commercial algae farm, Earthrise Farms in Imperial Valley CA. As President of Earthrise for 20 years marketed Earthrise® Spirulina and superfood products in the USA and 30 countries. Over decades, Robert has travelled the globe visiting and consulting with spirulina growers and marketers in over 30 countries.

Smart Microfarm, Half Moon Bay CA

Half Moon Bay FarmThis first Northern California spirulina farm was started in 2016 in Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco, inside a large commercial glass greenhouse once used for growing flowers. We produce an all-natural product in a controlled environment, using no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The water source is Half Moon Bay city water, carbon filtered. With a Certified Producer Certificate for the CA Farmers Market Program, we sell in San Rafael, Oakland and Santa Cruz. Product is sold natural food stores in the SF Bay Area, direct to customers locally and online. Many customers prefer fresh spirulina to traditional dried spirulina. Fresh has almost no taste, and can be mixed with drinks and foods without changing the flavor. New fresh and fresh frozen spirulina appeals to locavores, fresh food and raw food consumers.

Smart Microfarm, Olympia WA

Olympia MicrofarmThe first Pacific Northwest spirulina microfarm was located near Olympia Washington, a temperate rainforest eco-region with warm sunny summers and wet cold rainy winters.  One of the northern most spirulina farms, the Olympia microfarm testbed in operation 2013-15, demonstrated the capability of algae microfarms in cooler climates and tested practical and affordable equipment and systems for growing algae for local food and high value products in urban, community, rooftop, and vertical farms. The greenhouse and pond design kept algae culture water warmer, increased productivity and extended the growing season beyond the warm summer months.

2:00 minute video of Spirulina Algae Microfarm near Olympia Washington (2013).

Home, Deck and Backyard Growing Modules, Richmond CA

Richmond StationSmart Microfarms previously developed and tested a variety of scalable indoor and backyard growing systems, producing fresh, frozen and dehydrated products for family and local consumption. Indoor systems have air bubblers, heaters and lights on timers. Modular tanks for outdoor decks and backyard were designed to scale up to larger sizes.

Robert Henrikson

Robert HenriksonForty years experience in green business development in algae, bamboo and natural resources. Advises algae companies, investors and law firms in algae business development and strategies. CEO of Smart Microfarms, with scalable microalgae systems for school and community gardens, urban, rooftop and vertical farms to grow high value food that is local, sustainable and profitable.

For 20 years, Robert was President of Earthrise, pioneer in spirulina, founded the first US commercial algae farm and marketed Earthrise® Spirulina and superfood products in the USA and 30 countries.

Currently a consultant and advisor to companies, investors, and entrepreneurs in US and international algae business ventures. Founded International Algae Competition in 2010 to foster new algae food and energy systems for our future. Presents at conferences, writes for industry media and has produced 20 educational videos. Member of the Algae Industry Magazine Science and Industry Advisory Board and contributing writer. Recent award: voted Algae Ambassador in Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll.

Publications:  “Earth Food Spirulina” (1989) translated into 7 international editions. “Spirulina World Food” (2010). “Bamboo Architecture” (2011). “Imagine Our Algae Future” (2012) based on the Algae Competition. “Algae Microfarms” (2013).

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