Algae Microfarm Book

Microfarms for community and urban gardens, rooftop, mobile and vertical farms and living buildings

Algae Microfarms

How algae microfarms can help transform our food culture by growing abundant healthy food in a very small area, extend the growing season, affordably and profitably.

Algae are 20 times more productive than conventional foods and are well known as nutrient dense superfoods with valuable health and medical benefits. Over the past 30 years, large farms have grown algae for food, feed and fuels for thousands of useful products. Now an era of microfarms is emerging. Algae microfarms can empower people to grow healthy food in their own community for food security and self-sufficiency.

Robert Henrikson founded one of the world’s first and largest algae farms 35 years ago. Now the time has come to introduce algae microfarms and the algaepreneurs who are already building them and selling and distributing healthy foods in their local communities.

Algae Microfarms Chapters: Introduction 1. Why algae microfarms are emerging today 2. Small algae farms in the developing world 3. Algaepreneurs and microfarms in France 4. Growing algae at home and in community 5. Microfarms and bioreactors in modular systems 6. Future visions of living algae systems 7. Algae production, products and potential today 8. Imagine our algae future – Algae Competition 9. Grow your own spirulina 10. Smart algae microfarms slideshow 11. Personal journey from small to large to small 12. References and author biographies.

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