• 3D Bioprint Chocolate-Spirulina

    3D bioprinting chocolate-spirulina demo party by SE3D.com in Santa Clara California November 30 featured fresh spirulina from Smart Microfarms Half Moon Bay Farm and presentation by Robert Henrikson. Sponsored by SE3D.com for teachers and educators.

    Workshop Overview:

    Chocolate printing is gaining momentum since the advent of 3D printing technology. Discover how chocolate’s chemistry can affect printability and how you can now integrate 3D printing technology and concepts into your food  / bioscience classroom. 

    Special guest: Robert Henrikson from Smart Microfarm to talk about Spirulina – the Superfood you can’t live without

    Discover how you can create a truly guilt-free and healthy chocolate with Spirulina! 3D printed chocolate-spirulina tastes just like chocolate! 

    Mayasari Lim demonstrating SE3D. Robert Henrikson presenting spirulina.
    Spirusource fresh spirulina and chocolate-spirulina snacks. Bioprinting a heart.
    A bioprinting food workshop for teachers and educators.

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