• Spirulina Viva Mexico

    In January, Robert Henrikson visited San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and just outside of town, the first spirulina algae microfarm in Mexico – Spirulina Viva. Here Katie and Paco and their sons Kai and Teo live by their greenhouse farm, producing fresh, frozen and dried spirulina and delicious spirulina snacks. They sell direct to local […]

  • Apulia Kundi Spirulina Programme

    The spirulina “Green Business – Alimenta L’Impresa” programme was presented by Robert Henrikson in Bari, southern Italy, December 3,4,5, 2014 at the agricultural technology institute Laboratori dal Basso, sponsored by Agenzia Regionale per la Technologia e L’innovazione. Streaming video and simultaneous translation attracted a large online audience. The association Apulia Kundi won a grant in […]

  • Bioneers Summit Conference

    Smart Microfarms demonstrated a modular spirulina algae growing system, a new model of the future of farming at the Change Makers Fair at the 25th Annual Bioneers Summit Conference held October 17,18,19, 2014 in San Rafael California. Bioneers – Revolution from the heart of nature. Serving shots of fresh frozen spirulina in apple, orange and […]

  • NAA Workshop for Algaepreneurs

    Robert Henrikson, Smart Microfarms, presented “Evolution of Scalable Algae Production and New Business Opportunities” at the National Algae Association “Commercial Algae Cultivation, Harvesting, Extraction Technologies and Networking Workshop” on February 28, 2014 in Richmond California. NAA is the “Home of the Algaepreneur”.

  • The Future of Urban Farming?

    Are Algae Microfarms the Future of Urban Farming? Growing local food in community gardens and urban farms is a popular and growing trend. Because urban space is limited and valuable, some entrepreneurs are transforming old warehouses and even underground spaces into indoor farms using artificial lighting. Others propose vertical farms, even growing food in skyscrapers. […]

  • Visit to Myanmar Spirulina

    Visit to Myanmar Spirulina, December 19-23, 2013. June Pharmaceuticals is one of the world’s largest producers of spirulina from both natural lakes and production ponds. The company produces about 200 tons of spirulina per year and offers a variety of healthy innovative products including supplements, extracts, cosmetics, herbal products, biofertilizer and spirulina beer. See slideshow […]

  • Microfarms for Rooftop and Urban Farms

    Algae farms are often located in hot sunny desert or tropical locations, but new spirulina algae microfarms in the Pacific Northwest are testing features for growing algae in more northern temperate climates. < Algae growing ponds have retractable and removable greenhouse covers. In cooler seasons, ponds are covered at night to retain warmth. In summertime, […]