• Imagine Our Algae Future

    How will growing algae change the world and improve our lives? July 5, 2012: Imagine our future living in cities where buildings are covered with photosynthetic skins and vertical gardens, collecting the sun’s energy and producing food and energy for urban citizens. Imagine greening desert coastlines and producing food for millions of people. Imagine algae […]

  • Shakeout in Algae Biofuels

    An exciting time for algae business development by Robert Henrikson • March 14, 2011 Download this article as a 2 page pdf file. This year, Rand Corporation positions the algae biofuel industry as a research topic, calling into question the viability of renewable biofuels made from algae. Royal Dutch Shell Oil exits from its algae […]

  • New Algae Products

    How big investments in the ‘biofuel of the future’ will grow our future food and its own bio-packaging from algae. by Robert Henrikson • October 27, 2009 Download this article as a 4 page pdf file. Today, algae is called the ‘biofuel of the future.’ 30 years ago, it was called the ‘food of the […]

  • Biofuels From Algae?

    How Ventures can Harvest from the Third Great Algae Bloom by Robert Henrikson • April 3, 2009 • Download this article as a 4 page pdf file. Algae has a natural bloom and bust cycle. In a natural environment, algae blooms in lakes when spring rains deposit nutrients and summer sunshine heats the waters. When […]